Ayurveda the “life-knowledge” is the oldest healing medicine with roots in the Indian continent. A medicine and life discipline that is older than 5000 years. There are used completely natural techniques in order to help man to reach a holistic wellness on all levels: physical, spiritual and emotional. Ayurveda helps to reach wellness in body and soul through restitution of energy due to individual treatment, that is based on the personal constitution. The treatments are applied with the awareness that each living being is “unique and non-recurrent”.

The constitution (Dosha)

The Doshas determine the well-being or the problem in each of us, through the state of balance and imbalance of individual constitution.

According to Ayurveda also the physiognomy of the person is divided in three different constitutions, each one includes a certain physical and physicophysical characteristics, for those there are specific treatments and a right nutrition.

The constitutions (Dosha) are 3: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

VATA type:

The Vata type is slim, has a dry skin, is active, lively, creative and flexible. He can suffer under insomnia, nervousness, problem of digestions and anxiety attacks. We advise the relax program and a balanced nutrition as well as a balanced life style.

PITTA type:

The Pitta type is intelligent and determined, brave and passionate. He can suffer under skin troubles and inflammations, has easily anger attacks and is aggressive. We advise a meditative program in order to focus the large energy on best purposes.

KAPHA type:

The Kapha type is strong, calm and relaxed. He loves relaxing and enjoying vitality. He inclines to overweight, laziness, accepts gradually changes and difficulty. We advise an active program with a right nutrition and sport activity.